August 25, 2011

Experimenting with Falsies!

Sephora palette, Elf Natural Lashes, several Rimmel shadows 
I couldn't get the corner right - yikes!
Crappy photo, but look at how long these are!

 So after I randomly bought two lashes from ELF Cosmetics, I decided to finally experiment with them. Now trust me, the eye look in itself took 5 minutes - but the lash application took like 10 minutes on one eye. :O

I do need to use Duo Lash Glue, but for now the ELF glue will just have to do. I really feel like this is appropriate for prom, homecoming, or any night out... I'm really loving blue smokey eyes!

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  1. Hello lovely! Thanks for following! And welcome to blogging :) Your eyes are absolutely stunning! Totally agree with you on the glue thing, I have to use alternative glue on my ELF falsies!

    Have a nice week :) x


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