October 24, 2011

Bright Eyes Using Wet N Wild's I Heart Matte Palette

I'm always so curious as to how Wet N Wild chooses its shade selections, so for this look I followed their instructions and only used the left side of the palette. I really liked how it turned out surprisingly, and for some reason the purple looks lighter in these photos than in person. I added some false lashes and lined my eyes in white because it reminded me of a Barbie or a Nicki Minaj type look! I also dragged the blue from the crease onto the outer half of the lash line and then combined it with the purple definer shade at the tearduct.
Products used:
  • UDPP
  • Wet N Wild's I <3 Matte Palette (all the shades on the left hand side)
  • NYX's White Eyeliner
  • Physician's Formula Purple Liner (as a base for the definer shade)
  • Elf's Natural False Lashes
I wish I could rock this in public without getting any looks! Ahh... maybe on Halloween I will! I have several other more school appropriate looks coming up as well as some other colorful looks from this palette.. even if its so not fall appropriate!

October 23, 2011

I Heart Matte 8-Pan Palette by Wet N Wild (Swatches & Dupes)

Wet n Wild recently came out with a new 8-pan palette featuring all matte shadows. It's a Walgreens exclusive along with some holographic nail polishes and some baked shadows! I'm not quite sure if it's limited edition or not though. This palette, like the other 8-pan palettes retail for $4.99. 

I was excited when I purchased it because the colors seemed unique but now as I compared them to other palettes in my Wet N Wild collection, all but 2 are unique to this palette. Whether that's a deal breaker or not its up to you... but I would have appreciated more different colors. The two that are unique, the bright blue and the blue based purple, are both amazing colors on their own and for 5 dollars, it isn't bad!

I have included some swatches below as well as some dupes: 
 All were pigmented and smooth, but like many Wet N Wild shadows it was a little powdery. The black was nice as well. The purple was so nice but it lacked a bit in the application. The blue was striking yet came with a bit of shimmer - but its matte enough to be called a matte.

Some dupes below:
If you own the Pride 6-Pan Palette by Wet N Wild you would see that two of the shades are dupes. The white browbone color and the seafoam green eyelid shades. The left swatches are from this palette and the right from Pride. I understand the white browbone, but they could have added a little variety in the eyelid shade. 
From the neutral side we see more dupes. From the Vanity 6-Pan Palette we see two dupes. The dark red toned brown are dupes as well as the browbone skintone color... Brulee, which is one of their coloricon colors. From the Greed 6-Pan Palette the colors are the same as well. Once again the left side swatches are from the I Heart Matte Palette and the right are from different palettes. 

I just wish Wet n Wild would come out with some not-so-warm neutrals. A little variety couldn't hurt. But if you don't own many of the 6-Pan Palettes than this would be an excellent edition to your makeup collection. Wet N Wild eyeshadows continue to be my favorite matte drugstore shadows. 

I'm actually going to do an eye look based on how Wet N Wild places these colors because I always find it amusing how they arrange them! My favorite shade would either be that bright blue or the purple color, it looks similar to the infamous MUFE shadow! :) Anyway I'm going to have fun with this palette and hopefully post on a more consistent manner. If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments! Thanks for reading!

October 1, 2011

Possible Look for Senior Pictures??

This is the long overdo makeup look that I first posted on my tumblr! Ahh senior photos are in less than 24 hours and I still don't have a clue as to what to wear or have on my face! So this is just one of the options I've created. Minus the false lashes, I don't think I want to go that dramatic for my photos.
Items used:
  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo pencil in Bronze
  •  Mirabella pigment in Bronze - all over lid
  • Naked Palette - Buck on the crease, Hustle over it
  • Wet n Wild's Vanity Palette - the Burgundy shadow that's matte (used to deepen the outer V)
  • NYC palette in Union Square - the purple shadow on the outer v to add a pop of color
  • Maybelline's Gel Liner in Blacket Black
  • Ardell Luvies Lashes
Since I didn't go to high up on the crease I find this very wearable for everyday. I want to keep my face natural for the most part! Now I just have to practice smiling without looking sarcastic (harder said than done!) 

Taken on a separate date, no lashes!
What do you usually wear for photo ops! Or your senior photos specifically!