January 22, 2012

Naked2: Review & Swatches (Dupes from Naked included!)

I will finally be reviewing the much anticipated Naked 2 palette. I have the original as well so I'll be comparing them both together. This retails for $50 and comes with 12 full-size shadows as well as a double ended synthetic brush and a little deluxe sample of their lip gloss in Naked. Swatches, individual shade reviews, and dupes all down below! :)

The palettes are basically the same length and width but have very different packaging. The original came with a dark brown velvet fabric while the new one comes in a tin like plastic cover. I prefer the new packaging as it is less prone to wear and dust (just take a look at mine - yikes!) My Naked palette came with a double ended liner (I got this around November 2010 - they later had production problems and had to switch to the karma brush). Naked 2 comes with a double ended brush (pain to store..) one side is a blending and the other side is a flat shader brush. I'm not going to use these for eyeshadows (I find synthetic blending brushes hard to blend out shadows.. just a personal preference) but this brush will be great for concealing!

Another thing to note is the Naked 2 palette is more lid friendly - it features lighter shades compared to the Naked 1. Here are some swatches:
Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper
Foxy: Matte yellowed beige. This type of shade almost disappears in my skin and it's also the slightest bit powdery. This in combination with Bootycall create a nice highlight for the brow bone.
Half Baked: A true gold color with a shimmery finish. This is the only repeat from the original... It's a great color but I wish it wasn't included in this palette. This is perfect for a warm lid look!
Bootycall: This is a warm version of Virgin from the original. This is a great inner corner highlight, a great brown bone highlight, and also a great shade for an all over lid look. I prefer this over Virgin on my skin tone! This is exclusive to this palette.
Chopper: Very orange-toned copper color with silver sparkles, one of the more unique shades of the palette. It feels a little crumbly (much like Sidecar from the original) to the touch but it's a nice finish, just a little more fall out prone than the other shades.
Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol
Tease: A mauvey brown matte perfect for the crease. This is also a color unlike anything in my collection. Mine came pigmented though I know other beauty bloggers have had no luck with this shade. This is also exclusive to the palette.
Snakebite: This is a bronzed color, a little lighter than Darkhorse but darker than Smog and has a bit of golden in it. Super pigmented great for both the lid and crease. Also exclusive to this palette.
Suspect: A light golden color, this is great for the lid. It's a very light color but pigmented. The finish is shimmery as well.
Pistol: A warm grey color - it's so hard to describe. This shade is very unique and does not have dupes from the original and it is also a palette exclusive!
Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout
Verve: Very shimmery light grey color, great for an inner crease highlight. This is not an exclusive shade but I do not own the Rollergirl palette so this is a new shade and unlike any in my collection! Very pigmented and smooth like the other shadows.
YDK: Coppery brown color with a shimmery finish - has the same feel and look to Sidecar a little less warm. These are both very close colors though. It's also a little less warm then Toasted.
Busted: Kind of a bit of a plummy brown - a little like Hustle from the original but Busted is darker. This is both a great lid and crease color, and one of the darkest shimmery shade in the palette. This is also exclusive to the palette.  
Blackout: Matte black shade, perfect for liner, a smokey eye, or just darkening up a look. This makes the palette so versatile!

Bootycall, Virgin
Snakebite, Smog, Darkhorse, Smog + Darkhorse combined

Chopper, Toasted
Busted, Hustle
And of course the obvious Half Baked, Half Baked but I didn't both taking a photo of that!

Overall worth the price tag and a great addition to my collection. If it were between Naked 1 and Naked 2 I would pick the original. I do think Naked 2 is more daytime friendly than the original, but both are nice to have. I don't find the dupes to be that significant and I still see the palette as being unique.

The shadows are so pigmented and smooth, the only downside is when I look at it it's a bit difficult to come up with a look - the order of the shadows makes it a bit difficult. LOL. I'm just nit picking there. I hope you've found this review helpful and if you have any questions feel free to leave me a message! Also if you have any ideas for looks post them below! :)

Price: $50
Where Can I Buy: Sephora, Ulta, and at Urban Decay
Overall Rating: 9.5/10


  1. I am still looking into the Original because I like shadows that can be built up for any look. With light shades that the naked2 palettes has, I just don't think it worth it. The fact that the naked original has darker shades to build colour with, is intriguing. Ehh, I'm sure I will end up with both anyway...:)


  2. Wow I think I'll just keep my Naked palette and be happy. Although I think Chopper is an amazing color! Great review :)

  3. Thanks for the review :)
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