November 29, 2011

Best Drugstore Eye Makeup Remover: Sonia K's 'Remove'

Let me introduce you to my favorite HG eye makeup remover! Okay so a while back ago I hauled a few things from Target (this being one of them!) - and now after testing it out for months I can safely say that this is my favorite eye makeup remover ever. This remover is two layers (like the Lancome's bifacial) so you have to shake the contents to make it work :) 
I own a few samples from Lancome's eye makeup remover, and though I love that one I don't love the price as much, and I can say that this Sonia K is almost exactly like it. I put this on a cotton pad and just hold the pad on my eye for about 10 or more seconds and I find that most of my makeup is removed! Minimal tugging... I love this!

- Affordable (I got this for under 10 dollars)
- 4.75 oz of product
- Removes even waterproof mascara
- Doesn't sting my eyes 
- I hate the packaging. I don't like how wide the opening is, I wish it was a little more narrow to make it easier to apply it on a cotton pad. Also I already spilled 3/4th of the bottle QQ 

This is A+ for me :) 

Below are some more photos including the ingredients list and the opening:

What's your favorite eye makeup remover? :)

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  1. Thanks for the review! I think I'll be getting this one next, once mine runs out.
    Is this one oil-based?

    My favorite eye makeup remover doesn't have a brand name on it. I found it at Target randomly & decided to try it lol. It has never failed me! (:


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